Thursday, March 20, 2008


Frank has kept very busy this year. He was cast as LaFou in the fall musical Beauty and the Beast. For those of you who aren't familiar with the musical/movie, LaFou is Gaston's assistant. It was a rough part for Frank who was constantly getting thrown to the ground as part of the choreography. He ended up wearing knee and elbow pads under his costume.

He then began the process of auditioning for the International Honor Choir. Students from international schools around the world record an audition tape at their high school. That tape is then sent off and listened to by a panel of judges. Frank was chosen to participate as a first tenor. This is his 3rd year to be chosen. He had to memorize several pieces of music in various languages. His choir director had to pass him off before he could make the trip to London. After a passport fiasco at the Dubai airport, Frank and I left one day later (the worse 24 hours of my life) and made it just in time for him to go through the 2 days of testing and rehearsals before the performance last Sat. It was phenomenal.

Right before honor choir, Frank was Mr. Kirby in the play "You Can't Take It With You." A slightly different part for Frank but he was faboulous if I may say so.

So, needless to say, he is now sleeping regular hours and even has time to go out on the weekends. Oh yeah, during all of the extra curriculurs, he still had time to make the high honor roll. Following are some pictures of his various roles.

Gaston and LaFou

LaFou with Beauty and Mrs. Potts

Honor choir rehearsal.

2008 International Honor Choir

Honor choir and band students from ASD with the 2 directors.

Mr. Kirby in You Can't Take It With You


stephanie said...

i wish we could see him perform live....i am sure the boys would love that! sounds like he is having a great year. love the photos!

Greg and Joy Ryan said...

frank-our over achiever!!! glad he is having a good year