Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Steve, Frank and I went to Phuket, Thailand for spring break this year. We had a fun, relaxing trip which is a little different than when Steve's in charge. When he plans, we come home more tired than when we left. I was in charge of this trip - I guess opposites really do attract.

An agent for the local travel agency filled us in on the particulars of Phuket. Basically - don't trust anyone. It's a safe place to be but people will try to take advantage of you monetarily whenever they can. I guess that may be typical of a touristy kind of town. She also warned us that Frank should not go into town at night by himself. The prostitutes would get him, both male and female. YUK!!! I thought she was exaggerating just a teensy bit until we went into town late one evening. Phuket has many, many massage places that are very busy at night. Most are legitimate. I know because I had a thai massage. Ladies would stand in front of the stores and try to get people to come in. These ladies are the ones that couldn't keep their hands off him. While I think Frank may have started liking the attention after awhile, I took it upon myself to run interference for him. I became very good at it.

Don't get me wrong, Phuket is a great vacation spot and there was only one small section of one particular street where this seemed to be a problem. 99 percent of the town is great to be in. The food was great, expecially the thai restaurants and also very cheap. None of us got sick so what more could you ask for. None of us ate anything "American" for an entire week.

We went snorkeling one day and saw the islands where The Beach was filmed along with the James Bond Island. They all looked the same to me but were all very pretty.

As usual, I've included some pictures and, for those who have been requesting pictures of me, I've finally included one.

No wonder the girls had their eye on him!!!

The tide greatly fluctuates in Phuket. The first time the tide was low, it was sooo low, I immediately thought a tsunami was headed our way. Obviously that wasn't the case but the tsunami signs are located all over the islands.

This is the view from our balcony (where Steve did all of his "work") I've come to accept the fact that he always works just sometimes doesn't go into the office.

The preferred and only available mode of transportation other than walking is the tuk-tuk.

Shopping is great. These shops are typical of what lines the streets. Any and everything you could possibly want(me) and not want(Steve and Frank) is available. This is the place to buy anything imitation. They even take you to special hidden rooms for the really good fake stuff!!!

I wan't very impressed with the electrical wiring. Some of the wires were low enough to walk into, but then again, one would only do that once.

Boxing was advertised by these guys boxing each other or making loud punching sounds on the tops of trucks that drove around using a loudspeaker to give the details.

Last but not least, the long awaited picture of me (and Steve). By the way, this trip was also in celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary on April 30. Don't know why he's put up with me that long but I'm grateful he has. I think this island may be called phee-phee(it's pronounced pee pee don't laugh).

Picture me putting my hands together just under my chin and bowing my head slightly which is the traditional thai greeting. So long for now.


sandy said...

Hey Janice.....I've enjoyed reading your blog! Just stumbled upon it....good to catch up with look great! sounds like agreat time!!!
sandy smith

stephanie said...

so glad you guys got to take that time and get away to such a nice place! sounds wonderful! love the pics!

Lorren said...

Congrats on your anniversary, Janice. Loved reading your blog and catching up with what's going on. :)