Sunday, May 18, 2008

I survived prom!!!

One would think that going through 2 proms with Mike I would be a pro at this. But alas, each child is sooo different. At least I have a year to recover before the final one (say it isn't so!!!!!) Here are pictures from the pre prom event. I'm not allowed to attend the actual event or the after prom (and I'm not sure I want to).

I am so thankful I have boys. Frank started getting ready about 30 minutes before he had to be there (6:00 PM). Ashley started getting ready around 10 AM. We had Frank's suit made a couple of weeks before prom - the girls start shopping in the summer for their prom dress. The tailors ovr here have a tendency to mess up prom dresses for some reason. It's easier to bring them back.

Frank's date was Ashley, the one in the brown dress. Almost all of the junior class met for photos, mostly to get the moms off their backs about taking pictures. The kids, I mean young adults, looked fabulous, so much so I didn't recognize some of them. I know I'm biased, but I thought Frank was the best looking there (he'll hate that I wrote that). Judge for yourself. PS They're drinking sparkling applejuice - I know - I tasted it.


stephanie said...

tell frank i agreed with you! he's the "handsomest" one in the bunch! and wow! those are quite some are right they all look not like kids, but young adults!! prom dresses have really come a long way since my peach colored taffeta of '89. looks like they were off to having a great evening!

sandy said...

Frank is very handsome!!!! His date is very cute too....beautiful dresses! Love seeing you blog!!!! maybe I can catch up with you this way!!!!
You are right, our kids are soooo different. Frank looks like he is having a great time!
How's Mike doing? How's Janice doing for that matter?

Greg and Joy Ryan said...

frank with the ladies! Tell him good job. had fun with mike tonight. he came to james party and was a big help!

Aaron said...

what a stud with his hot date!
Give him the first for me.

pamela w said...

hey there cousin! can you believe i stumbled upon this blog while viewing some christian ministry sites at my church? buddy called me last summer and i should have asked him for your e mail, but, i was ill all of july, august, and september (i am still trying to recover).
janice, you are amazing! every time matthew or marissa leave for a special event-all dressed up-i turn into a blubbering mush of tears! "mom, stop're getting the camera all wet!"
i would love to send you pictures, but, i have NO idea how to "attach" pictures on this site; only via e mail, phone, or, of course, hard mail. i pray this finds you and your family happy and healthy.

Lorren said...

Getting caught up on your blog. Love the pictures. Everyone looks lovely!